Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sarah's Baby Picture

Here's mine:


I'm the one on the right!

Post a baby picture!

Wouldn't it be fun to see what we all looked like when we were babies? Post a picture and let's see!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just randome funny stuff that has happend today

Well today I started the day as usual with our morning walk. and if you want to go with me just let me know and we could make it happen but must be done in the early hrs like 7:30 8:00ish. (unless I dont know you then get lost lol) but Sarah and I and the kids hit the park today and met up with Virginia and we had fun the kids kept us on our toes almost all day. We also at last minute desided to go swimming( I love last minute ideas) and had fun, running up the slid 50 times and Alex still didnt get enough of that, I of course got tired of it so we went and just had the kids jump off the side of the pool and that seemed to keep them entertained until it was time to go, then all hell broke loose Alex loves the pool so even though he was shivering did not want to leave. Tonight I had a leadership training meeting and just before I had to leave, while I was getting ready Alex was in an empty bathtub full of toys (his fishies and dinos) and was playing and talking to his toys as he was putting them in a big jug he was saying "Ok its your turn " to each one and I am amaised by that because that is the most words he has ever put into a sentance and it was just so darn cute. My meeting went very well, the more I think about being in this position the more I think I'm going to like it (except the teaching in Releaf Society that still scares me to death)but I think I could do the whole in charge of the enrichment commity thing (think) is the key word to that sentance I could be wrong but I like to look at the bright side of things. I thought I would add one more cute thing, tonight I learned that Alex will very softly try to pray as I'm saying the bedtime prayer Karl said as I was praying Alex was saying very softly "mommy and daddy, mommy and daddy, mommy and daddy" when Karl told me about this I couldnt stop thinking to myself what a sweet little angel he is (or can be when he wants)I am so glad to be blessed with him, he has brought so much joy into our lives and I'm so glad to have the opportunety to experience such joy. As I was at the meeting tonight the spirit could be felt very strongly Pres. Ashby is a good man and has this ora of light within his spirit, I could tell he is a truely humble man and just like hearing the prophets speak I love to listen to him and just take in every word he says so as you can tell I've had a great day and am humbled tonight to have such an important calling. I'm sure that by tomarrow morning this inner peace I am feeling will be gone (I hate waking up) so I must write these feelings down before they are gone,and same with the thoughts of "my child is an angel" couse hes an absolute terror durring the day time lol. well c-ya

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dennis going on a business trip!

Dennis is leaving tomorrow to go on a business trip :( I'm going to have to take him to the airport so we're gonna go to the zoo tomorrow. That should be fun atleast. He won't be home until friday though :( We better get some Zelda playing in tonight ro we won't get to play for a few days!

Thursday I'm going to be helping Ginny set up her blog so then she'll get to join our momtourage blog :) Yay!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Making Jam

So, Tiffany and I along with my FIL, my dad, my husband, and some help from the little ones picked over 15qts of chokecherries tonight. Oh, I discovered this summer that's what the bushes are that are in my yard :) Then we proceeded to stay up until midnight making jam! We used 9 of the qts (sending the other 3 with my mom to a friend of hers) and got 12 8oz jars of jam and 2 jars of syrup! The syrup we are ofcourse all having with breakfast in the morning :) I don't know if this was Tiffany's first time ever making Jam but it was mine! And what an experience... My feet hurt from standing that long! Oh, thanks Kim for the extra jars! They're expensive!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am a stay at home mom one of the hardest jobs out there let me tell ya having a job that you dont get paid for doing and the stress of raising your child plus being in charge of the house work gets to ya I do work some part time in the school lunch which is a great releaf to get out of the house but nothing like going to a spa that would be my ultimate releaf. I must say I love to see my child growing into a little person I would never change that for the world and must say I thought I was happy before we had Alex but now Alex is everything to us and we would'nt change it for the world. I'm married to this amazing guy he has good intentions and expectations of me but sometimes it may be a bit overwelming cause he expects so much of me I wish he would understand I have just as much stress at home doing my job as he does at work, he may work from 8 to 4 but I work from son up to son down and thats 12 plus hr days 7 days a week then on top of that I get a grumpy husband when he comes home from work (grrrr). Now that summer is finaly here (yaaay) I can finally go for outings with my son and we are both looking forward to the summer time I love being in the out doors and am looking forward to going camping this year all except wishing Alex wasnt still so small that I have to constantly worry about what he is eating and fear he will be eating bugs this year. Alex is such an active go happy person and loves to learn about new things I cant beleive how such an eager beaver he is and is so observant of other children and wants so much to have all the freedom they have and to be big and thats great but I am missing my little baby that once would just lay in my arms and stay and be good now I'm lucky if I get him to sit in my lap for 30 sec. I absolutley love being a mother and want very greatly to continue to expand our family. The things I like to do the most are the things I cant do with out my son being in the way (literaly)any time I try to do something he cant be a part of he throws a fit, so I dont get to do them very often but when I do it is excersizing, scrapbooking, working on my projects that are a very long list of things, drawing, painting, relaxing, sleeping (lack there of)swimming, I love to be active I need to be to keep up with Alex. I am no super mom in fact I have many flaws that need work, I am very greatful for the things I have and for the things we dont have or want I am very happy with how my life has turned out to be considering how rough our childhood was but I have learned from that and "hope" that I can raise my children to be better from the mistakes me and my parents have made. I am greatful for the family I grew up with even though it was a hard life I dont think it would be as hard as growing up with no family at all I think that would be terrible and wish some of my family would be more thankful for the family they have.

Introducing Sarah

I'm Sarah. :) I've got 2 beautiful little girls, Charity 2 years and Danielle 2 1/2 months. I'm a Stay at home mom. Living and loving life. My husband is a computer engineer nad is gone for too many hours of the day :( Ah, but such is the life of the working parent. Someone's gotta get the money to pay the bills! We live almost right inbetween our familes. My parents are 2 1/2 hours to the north and his are 2 hours to the south. It makes visiting for holidays and such fun :) We've been breaking up the holidays and doing every other but now that Charity is starting to get older we're considering inviting family here occasionally for the holidays. (think Christmas!) It would be fun but what a houseful!

I'm currently potty training Charity and what an experience that is! I'm so hoping it goes quickly because wow can it be frustrating at times! Danielle is just a little angel. She is such a happy baby who loves to smile. She's such a joy. Both girls are for the most part really really good. Charity has hit the terrible twos which is trying at times but she sure does have her cute moments!

So, my life isn't totally about my kids. I'm interested in graphic and internet design, charcoal drawing, reading, watching movies and playing games! We just recently got a Wii and I love it! It's got a lot of fun games and we got a Wii fit as well which I hope is going to help me get back into shape! After having 2 kids in 2 years it's done a number on me. I have no endurance left! Well we're going swimming soon so I'd better go to get ready.